#FIICWG2015 – Important information about registration and accomodation

May 1st deadline to register for the 2015 World Games has passed. As of today, a little over 50 participants have registered. Big thanks to those who respected the deadline, that helps a lot with the organization. Despite the relatively low number of participants, we are confident to be able to hold the event as planned.

In order to leave a last chance to latecomers to register without penalty, the FIIC board and the World Games organizers have agreed to extend the period for registration and first payment (50%) to May 20th. After that date, a 30€ penalty will be added to the registration costs and we will not be able to guarantee the choice of accomodation. This is motivated by the fact that late registrations cause many concerns to the organizers: deposit payments for the various services (accomodation, catering, gym…), planning of the tournament formula and games schedule, order and payment of game jerseys and equipment, etc.

The deadline to make the final payment (for those concerned) remains on June 30th.

Finally, please note that due to the low number of registrants and in order to keep a good relationship with our accomodation partner, we have released the hold on the second site. In consequence, the availability of rooms at the second site cannot be guaranteed and will have to be confirmed individually, if required.

FIIC World Games 2015 website: http://inter-crosse.com/fiicwg2015/

#FIICWG2015 Host City

Dear FIIC members,
We received two excellent applications to hold the 2015 FIIC inter-crosse World Games: From Hungary (Sopron) and from France (Besançon). We reviewed and discussed both applications in details between board members, asked questions to the applicants and evaluated the applications on 12 criteria, weighted by importance, to end up with our decision: 
Besançon, France.
At the end it was just small details that tipped the balance towards the winning application. One of the decisive element was the fact that there is already a club present in the selected destination and we believe that the presence of the World Games will give a big boost to the promotion and the development of inter-crosse in the area.
We want to thank both applicants for the efforts they puts in presenting their applications and for the interest for the sport of inter-crosse.
More details will be communicated in the coming days and weeks, but here are the preliminary information for the 2015 FIIC inter-crosse World Games:
Place: Besançon, France.
Dates: August 4th to 9th, 2015.
In hope to see you in great numbers in France this summer.


Changes to the FIIC board of directors

The Fédération Internationale d’Inter-Crosse would like to welcome Mr. Christian Treis (Germany) and Mr. Jan Ehrler (Czech Republic) as new members of its board of directors.

Mr. Treis was elected unanimously at the 2014 AGA (August 6th, in Lignano Sabbiadoro, Italy) and was nominated at the position of secretary by the board members. Mr. Ehrler was nominated by the board members to occupy the vacant position of officer (nomination to be endorsed at the 2015 AGA).

Additionaly, Mr. Mario Villa (Italy) was unanimously re-elected for another two-years term as officer on the board.

We also want to thank Mr. José Guiot, who did not ask for a new term, for his much appreciated involvement on the FIIC board of directors.

Finally, Mrs. Floriane Cotnoir accepted to remain as honorary board member. Mrs. Cotnoir’s 25+ years of involvement in inter-crosse is a tremendous source of information and experience and we are very happy to count on her support.

Along with Mr. Jonas Roslund (treasurer, Sweden) and Mr. Martin Cloutier (president, Québec), the FIIC board of directors is now complete and ready to work for the promotion and development of inter-crosse, in the best interests of our sport.

Please join your voices to ours to welcome the new board members and wish them best of luck.

Visit the ‘FIIC Board of Directors’ section for more information:

#FIICWG2014: Registration information

Registration information for the 2014 FIIC inter-crosse World Games:

DatesAugust 5-10, 2014.
Location: Lignano Sabbiadoro, Italy.
Registration deadline: Sunday, May 25th, 2014. Revised: June 30th, 20141.

Participation costs:

Option Type Occupancy Cost per participant 2
A Player 2 320 €
B Player 3 to 6 310 €
C Non-player Any 280 €

1: Total payment to be received by that date.
2: Costs based on a minimum of 80 participants. Subject to revision based on the number of participants and financial sponsorship received.

Registration information: To register your delegation, download this registration form and fill it for each participant, then send it by email to info(at)intercrosse.it and secretary(at)inter-crosse.com.

Payment information: Bank details and payment information are available on the organizers’ website.

Age requirements: All playing participants must must of age 15 or more at the date of the event. Participants younger than 18 years old must be accompanied by an adult tutor and a discharge of responsibility must be filled and signed by the parents and submitted to the FIIC by email (secretary@inter-crosse.com) or in person before the start of the event.

Additional information: More information can be found on the organizers’ website: http://www.intercrosse.it/WG_2014/?page_id=8.

#FIICWG2014 : And the World Games will be in…

Dear friends, the FIIC board of directors is happy to announce that the 2014 FIIC inter-crosse World Games will take place in…

Lignano Sabbiadoro map


General informations:

  • Dates: August 5-10, 2014.
  • Location: Sport village of Lignano Sabbiadoro (Ge. Tur.), Italy (same location as in 2011).
  • Participation fees (*):
    • Player: ~315 € per participant, all included.
    • Non-player: ~265 € per participant, all included.

*: Important: These prices are preliminary, based on a minimum number of participants. Prices could be slightly higher if there are less participants, or they could be lower with sponsorship agreements (we’re working on it!)

Extra nights, indoor parking and wi-fi can be available for additional fees.

The organizing committee and the FIIC board of directors are already at work to ensure that you will have a great event next summer, but your collaboration will be required to make sure that the organization goes smoothly and that the event can take place as planned.

Note that the holding of the event is conditional that there are a minimum of 80 participants registered by April 30th, 2014. So please don’t wait to plan your vacation dates and save some money so that you are ready when time will come to register and make the payments. We count on your collaboration to respect the deadlines and register on time.

The event will be opened to players of age 15+ and to non-playing participants.

More information will be communicated soon.

We hope to see you in great numbers next summer in beautiful Italy. And don’t forget your bathing suit! :)

Lignano Sabbiadoro

P.S.: We invite you to use the hashtag #FIICWG2014 when you write about the 2014 World Games in social media (Facebook, Twitter…).

WG 2014 – New deadline

Hi all, considering the importance of the decision and the request we received to allow more time to think about it and get organized, the FIIC board of directors has agreed to extend the deadline to submit a candidacy to organize the 2014 FIIC World Games to November 15th 2013.

We invite you to take that additional time to consider the possibility to welcome the inter-crosse community in your nation in 2014 and let us know of your intentions as soon as possible.

In hope to read from you soon.

WG 2014 – Call for candidates

Dear friends,

Many of us are back from vacations and have our heads full of wonderful memories from the awesome events we had in France this summer. However, time has come to look forward and think about next year, to the 26th edition of the World Games.

Organizing the inter-crosse World Games requires passion for the sport, dedication and quite a bit of hard work. But with support of a good organizing committee and the assistance of the Federation’s board members, it can be done successfully with reasonnable time dedication and efforts from everyone. Additionnaly, as there will be no World Cup next year the workload will be significantly reduced compared to the two preceding years.

So we hereby invite the member Federations who would like to organize the 2014 FIIC inter-crosse World Games to express their interest by email (president(at)inter-crosse.com) on or before Monday, September 30th 2013.

A selection of the host nation among the candidates will then be made by the FIIC’s board of directors. Until then, please take a moment to look at the World Games taskbook, which gives a good overview of the organization of the World Games (remember that these are only guidelines and that specific details can be discussed and negociated). And most of all, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question, we’ll be happy to answer you.

FIIC World Games task book: https://www.dropbox.com/s/e74witmdjf4t5uo/FIIC_WorldGames_TaskBook_v1.1.pdf

Looking forward to read from you and best regards.