Mission and Membership


The mission of the Fédération Internationale d’Inter-Crosse is to promote and develop the sport of inter-crosse and assist to the local organizations who wish to do the same. In concrete terms, here are some of the actions that the FIIC does or can do to achieve its mission:

  • Develop and maintain online resources (website, Facebook page, forum, etc.) to create a synergy and communicate with the inter-crosse community worldwide.
  • Together with a local organizing committee, organize the World Games and the World Cup.
  • Provide financial and organizational assistance to help the development of inter-crosse through local initiatives.
  • Provide financial assistance to the World Games and World Cup organizers in order to reduce the participation costs.
  • Maintain and communicate the official rulebook (rulebook committee).
  • Maintain and communicate the World Games taskbook.
  • Maintain and communicate the World Cup taskbook.
  • Provide referees for the FIIC events.
  • Provide a centralized place for communications among the inter-crosse community.
  • Help to promote and develop inter-crosse in new or existing nations.
  • Organize and hold the annual AGA.
  • Participate in sport seminars.
  • Organize inter-crosse-related seminars.

Some of these actions are done permanently and others punctually, in respect to the expectations of the members and the financial and human resources available.


Being a member of the FIIC provides the following benefits:

  • Opportunity to co-organize (with the FIIC) the World Games and/or the World Cup.
  • Right to participate in the World Games and World Cup.
  • Right to participate in the European Cup.
  • Right to participate in all other FIIC events (seminars, etc.).
  • Receive financial and/or organizational assistance for local initiatives to promote the sport and help the development of inter-crosse.

However, membership also comes with some responsibilities; members should:

  • Adhere to the FIIC’s mission and promote the inter-crosse values of respect and fair-play.
  • Comply to the FIIC’s by-laws (constitution).
  • Comply to the official inter-crosse rulebook when they organize or participate in international events.
  • Pay the membership fees in due time.

Yearly membership fees are calculated this way:

  • Base calculation: 1% of the nation’s GDP (gross domestic product) per capita (source: World Bank).
  • Discount: Since 2011, a 30% discount has been applied on the base membership fees in order to reduce the financial burden of the member nations.
  • Maximum: Since 2011, the maximum membership fees have been limited to 250€.

Note: The organizing nation of the World Games and/or World Cup is dispensed from paying membership fees for the year of the event.