FIIC is a democratic, non-profit international federation composed of national member federations/associations.

The Annual General Assembly (AGA) is the highest governing body of the federation. It consists of one representatives from every member organization in good standing. Each representative can cast a vote at the AGA.

The board of directors, elected by the AGA for a two year mandate, is the second highest governing body. It is responsible for the continuous operations of the federation and the development of inter-crosse, in respect to the Federation’s mission. The board consists of five members: one president, one secretary, one treasurer and two vice-presidents. Click here to see the actual composition of the board.

To assist the board of directors in their work, committees may be created with the role to look into specific tasks on behalf of the board of directors. One example of such a committee is the Rules review committee, which role is to look into the continuous development of the intercrosse rulebook.

The diagram below illustrates the structure of the Federation: