In order to spread and develop inter-crosse worldwide, the FIIC regularly organizes a series of international competitions and events:

Each of these events has a special purpose: The World Games is the oldest tournament organized by the FIIC. It has been held annually since 1987, with the exception of 1998 and 2006. The World Games is a unique way of practicing sports, focusing on fair-play, collectiveness and social exchange rather than on individual performances and medals. At the World Games the participants are randomly divided into teams, whose members play together for the duration of the tournament. A team can therefore consist of players from several different countries, which require them to communicate and share their experiences with each other in order to win.

The World Cup was created in 1999 and was held annually until 2006, when it was decided to make it a semi-annual event. Its purpose is to allow inter-crosse to be played at a higher elite level, which should helps the sport get recognition and publicity.

As a mean for spreading the knowledge about inter-crosse, the FIIC attends and sometime even host sport-oriented seminars. These seminars are usually focused on a technical level, to train physical education teachers, but also to educate existing players.

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the FIIC, the European Cup had been created in 2010. This competition is based on points accumulated during one year by teams participating in approved tournaments all over Europe. The winner is presented each year at the World Games.