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#FIICPRG2018 – Official invitation


Dear players,
Respected national inter-crosse representatives,
Dear friends!

The Fédération Internationale d’Inter-Crosse and the Czech organizing committee would like to warmly invite you to spend one summer week playing inter-crosse in Czech Republic. Come to beautiful Prague to take part in the World Championship (#FIICWC2018), the Kids Open (#FIICKO2018) and the World Games (#FIICWG2018).

The FIIC World Championship (#FIICWC2018) will be held from August 18th to 22nd. It will be open for men-only teams and, depending on number of registered teams, also for women-only teams and mixed-gender teams (with limited number of men – see details below). For detailed information about accommodation, price and preliminary schedule please visit the official event’s website (link below). Every team is welcome!

The first edition of the FIIC Kids Open (#FIICKO2018), an international tournament for boys and girls 11 to 14 years old (born in 2004 to 2007 incl.), will be held at the same dates and location as the World Championship. Thanks to the Czech Intercrosse Federation, this tournament will be (almost) free of charge for participants. We would like to encourage every inter-crosse youth to come and play. These players are the future of inter-crosse, bring them along! More info on the website.

Finally, the FIIC World Games (#FIICWG2018) will follow on from August 22nd to 26th. All players age 15 and above from every member nation are welcome! As usual, in addition to the competition you can look forward to a great social event and epic parties. The World Games will take place in the same halls as the World Championship. Details on the website.

Please, share the information about #FIICWC2018, #FIICKO2018 and #FIICWG2018 in your inter-crosse community, visit the website regularly for updated information, follow us on Facebook and, most importantly, come to Prague this summer!

World Championship formula

As you know the FIIC is constantly trying to be creative and find new ways to improve the game of inter-crosse. After holding the first edition of the new World Championship two years ago in Montréal, we decided to try another approach for this year’s event in order to stimulate participation and hopefully welcome more teams, especially for the woman competition.

Therefore we propose the following changes to the formula of the World Championship:

  • Men competition will stay as is and only welcome men-only teams.
  • Women competition (aka “hybrid division”) will welcome women-only and mixed-gender teams.
  • However, mixed-gender teams…
    • Can not have more than 50% of men in their lineup.
    • Must have a maximum of 2 men players on the field at any moment.

The tournament will also allow “international teams” (composed of players from various nations) to participate in any of the two divisions, as in 2016 with the EuroQuébec teams.

Be assured that the FIIC along with the organizing committee are working together to ensure that the tournament will offer a fair and secure setting for all players. We count on your collaboration and the usual fair-play of all participants to help us achieve that goal.

We hope that this new formula will open the tournament to more players and increase the number of participating teams. After the World Championship, a post-mortem will be done to evaluate the success of the formula and determine if we want to keep it as is, improve it or totally review it.

Thank you for your understanding and your collaboration to make this event a huge success.



#FIICPRG2018: FIIC’s 2018 annual inter-crosse events (teaser)

Dear all, this is a preliminary announcement to inform you that the 2018 FIIC’s events (#FIICPRG2018) will take place in Prague, Czech Republic, from August 18th to 26th, 2018. Our famous yearly international inter-crosse festival will propose three distinct events in 2018:

  • The FIIC inter-crosse World Games (#FIICWG2018).
  • The FIIC inter-crosse World Championship (#FIICWC2018)
  • The FIIC inter-crosse Kids Open (a new tournament for children) (#FIICKO2018)

Stand by as more details will be communicated in the coming weeks. For the moment, mark the dates and start getting ready for a week of sport and socialization that promises to be memorable! :)

The FIIC board and the #FIICPRG2018 organizing committee

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2017 Board Elections

Here are the results of the board elections which took place at the 2017 FIIC Annual General Assembly:

Mr. Jonas Roslund, from Sweden, was unanimously elected for another two-years term as officer on the board. Thank you and congratulations to Jonas.

Mr. Martin Cloutier, from Québec, was unanimously elected for another two-years term as president of the board. Thank you and congratulations to Martin.

Mr. Jan Ehrler, from Czech Republic, did not request another term. We want to thank Jan for his involvement during his two years term on the board.

So there is presently a vacant position on the FIIC board of directors. The board members will try to find a collaborator to fill the position. If you or someone you know could be interested by the challenge, please contact us.

For more details about the board of directors, see the FIIC’s board page on our website:

#FIICWG2017 – Call for candidates to organize the 2017 FIIC inter-crosse World Games

Dear friends,

Autumn has arrived, several inter-crosse leagues have started their activities in Europe and Québec and time has come to think of next summer’s great international inter-crosse event, the World Games.

We hereby invite those who would like to organize the 2017 FIIC inter-crosse World Games to write to info(at) at the latest on November 30th, 2016, indicating where and when you would like to hold the event and why you think your candidacy should be selected.

After the deadline, a selection of the host organization will be made by the FIIC’s board of directors and the winning candidacy will be announced through the standard communication channels.

Bidders should also read the World Games taskbook, which gives a good overview of the organization of the World Games. However, remember that these are only guidelines; specific details can be discussed and negociated. And do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question, we will be happy to answer you.

WG task book direct link:

Organizing the World Games requires passion for the sport, dedication and quite a load of work, but with support of a good organizing committee and support from the Federation, it can be done successfully, with reasonnable time dedication and efforts from everyone, as demonstrated in the past years.

We are looking forward to read from you.

Changes on the FIIC board of directors

The members of the FIIC board of directors are happy to welcome Mr. Bertrand Wendlinger, from France, as a new member of the board. Mr. Wendlinger was elected unanimously at the 2016 FIIC AGA in Montréal and we look forward to working with him to the development and promotion of our sport.

We also want to congratulate Mr. Mario Villa, from Italy, who was elected for another two-years term on the board. Mario, thank you for your interest and your involvement.

Finally we want to thank Mr. Christian Treis, from Germany, who did not seek another term after two years on the board. Thank your for your contribution Christian.

Along with Mr. Martin Cloutier (president, Québec), Mr. Jonas Roslund (treasurer, Sweden) and Mr. Jan Ehrler (officer, Czech Republic), the FIIC board of directors is complete and ready to work on a voluntary basis for the best interests of inter-crosse.

For more details, see the FIIC’s board page on our website:



The FIIC and the YUL16 organizing committee are happy to share the latest details about the 2016 FIIC inter-crosse World Championship and World Games:


World Championship (M) World Championship (W)
[PDF] [Excel] [PDF] [Excel]
World Games
[PDF] [Excel]


Every participant should read and understand the information in the following document:

Information for participants


English Français


  • World Championship: July 22nd to 26th, 2016.
  • World Games: July 26th to 30th, 2016 (including the night of July 30-31).


#FIICYUL2016 Calendar



  • World Championship (regular teams):
    • Registration fees per team: $1375 CAD (€875 approx.²)
    • Additional cost per participant:
      • Option A (no accomodation or meal): $115 CAD (€75 approx.²)
      • Option B (no accomodation + lunch every day): $155 CAD (€100 approx.²)
      • Option C (accomodation + 3 meals per day): $305 CAD (€200 approx.²)
  • World Championship (combined teams):
    • Cost per participant (includes game jerseys):
      • Option A (no accomodation or meal): $260 CAD (€165 approx.²)
      • Option B (no accomodation + lunch every day): $300 CAD (€190 approx.²).
      • Option C (accomodation + 3 meals per day): $460 CAD (€300 approx.²)
  • World Games:
    • Cost per participant:
      • Option A (no accomodation or meal): $260 CAD (€165 approx.²)
      • Option B (no accomodation + lunch every day): $300 CAD (€190 approx.²).
      • Option C (accomodation + 3 meals per day): $460 CAD (€300 approx.²)
  • Discount for participants at both events: $80 CAD (€50 approx.²).

¹ : Note that these are the prices as of today; they are subject to decrease, depending on the potential sponsorship agreements with various partners.

² : Prices are in Canadian Dollars, conversion in Euros is for comparison only. Payments will need to be done in Canadian dollars and the participants will need to assume the conversion fees for the registration.


  • Team registration: Teams responsibles should register their team by writing to with your team’s name and number of players per team as soon as possible.
  • Team payments: A first payment of $375 CAD will be required by April 15th May 1st. Final payment will be expected by May 15th June 1st.
  • Individual registration: All participants to both the World Championship and the World Games should register by filling the “Individual registration form”:
  • Individual payments: A first payment representing 25% of the individual fees will be required by April 15th May 1st. Final payment will be expected by May 15th June 1st. Discout for particpants to both the World Championship and the World Games will be applied on the final payment.


If you wish to make your payment by electronic transfer, here’s the organization’s bank information:

  • Bank and Branch Name: Caisse Desjardins du Complexe Desjardins
  • Transit number: 30500
  • Institution number: 815
  • Account number: 0597336
  • Account Name: Intercrosse Québec
  • Account address: 216, rue du Campagnol, Terrebonne, Québec, Canada, J6V 0B9
  • Account SWIFT/BIC: CCDQCAMM (this code replaces the IBAN code, which is not used in North America).
  • Assistance: info(at)


You can also contact us by email for any question:

  • FIIC info(at)
  • Organizers: info(at)

Organizers’ website:

Press realease:

We are looking forward to welcome you in Québec next summer!

Board of directors election

The Fédération Internationale d’Inter-Crosse would like announce the following elections on the board of directors, as voted at the 2015 FIIC Annual General Assembly:
Mr. Jonas Roslund (Sweden) was unanimously re-elected for another two-years term as officer on the board.
Mr. Martin Cloutier (Québec) was unanimously re-elected for another two-years term as president of the board.
Visit the ‘FIIC Board of Directors’ section for more information: