Official Launch of the Rulebook Review Committee

The rulebook review committee was officially launched last Wednesday, March 20th 2019.


The committee is composed of the following seven persons:

  • Vladimir Kriz (Czech Republic) (head)
  • Thomas Barillat (France)
  • Audrey Gerôme (France)
  • Manuel Hollman (Germany)
  • Dennis Nonn (Germany)
  • Martin Beaulieu (Québec)
  • Alexis Gagnon-Dolbec (Québec)


As you know, the present rulebook dates back from 2007 and is due for a major review. The objectives of the rulebook review committee are to identify “gray zones” which need to be made more clear (there are many!), rules that could be changed or abandoned and others that could be brought in, in order to end up with a new version of the rulebook.

Inter-crosse is a very specific sport, based on noble and strong values that make it unique, like the four pillars – the “MARC”: Movement, Autonomy, Respect and Communication. We want to keep intact the “spirit” of our sport, while possibly make it more modern, more actual.

We want the committee to be independent and autonomous in its work, therefore the FIIC board members will not interfere in the committee’s work. However, the proposals will be communicated to the FIIC board who will review them before making official the new version of the rulebook.

We want to thank the committee members for their interest and their dedication for the sport of inter-crosse.