2018 Board Elections

Here are the results of the board elections which took place at the 2018 FIIC Annual General Assembly:

Mr. Bertrand Wendlinger, from France, was unanimously elected for another two-years term as officer on the board. Thank you and congratulations Bertrand!

Mr. Tomaš Drbík, from Czech Republic, was unanimously elected to join the board for a two-years term as officer. Welcome aboard Tom!

Mr. Mario Villa, from Italy, did not request another term. We want to warmly thank Mario for his long-term participation on the FIIC board of directors and his dedication to the sport of inter-crosse. The responsibility of the European Cup has been transferred to Bertrand Wendlinger, with the assistance of Mario.

There is presently one vacant position on the FIIC board of directors. The board members will try to find a collaborator to fill the position. If you or someone you know is interested by the challenge, please contact us.

For more details about the board of directors, see the FIIC’s board page on our website: http://inter-crosse.com/organization/board/