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#FIICPRG2018 – Official invitation


Dear players,
Respected national inter-crosse representatives,
Dear friends!

The Fédération Internationale d’Inter-Crosse and the Czech organizing committee would like to warmly invite you to spend one summer week playing inter-crosse in Czech Republic. Come to beautiful Prague to take part in the World Championship (#FIICWC2018), the Kids Open (#FIICKO2018) and the World Games (#FIICWG2018).

The FIIC World Championship (#FIICWC2018) will be held from August 18th to 22nd. It will be open for men-only teams and, depending on number of registered teams, also for women-only teams and mixed-gender teams (with limited number of men – see details below). For detailed information about accommodation, price and preliminary schedule please visit the official event’s website (link below). Every team is welcome!

The first edition of the FIIC Kids Open (#FIICKO2018), an international tournament for boys and girls 11 to 14 years old (born in 2004 to 2007 incl.), will be held at the same dates and location as the World Championship. Thanks to the Czech Intercrosse Federation, this tournament will be (almost) free of charge for participants. We would like to encourage every inter-crosse youth to come and play. These players are the future of inter-crosse, bring them along! More info on the website.

Finally, the FIIC World Games (#FIICWG2018) will follow on from August 22nd to 26th. All players age 15 and above from every member nation are welcome! As usual, in addition to the competition you can look forward to a great social event and epic parties. The World Games will take place in the same halls as the World Championship. Details on the website.

Please, share the information about #FIICWC2018, #FIICKO2018 and #FIICWG2018 in your inter-crosse community, visit the website regularly for updated information, follow us on Facebook and, most importantly, come to Prague this summer!

World Championship formula

As you know the FIIC is constantly trying to be creative and find new ways to improve the game of inter-crosse. After holding the first edition of the new World Championship two years ago in Montréal, we decided to try another approach for this year’s event in order to stimulate participation and hopefully welcome more teams, especially for the woman competition.

Therefore we propose the following changes to the formula of the World Championship:

  • Men competition will stay as is and only welcome men-only teams.
  • Women competition (aka “hybrid division”) will welcome women-only and mixed-gender teams.
  • However, mixed-gender teams…
    • Can not have more than 50% of men in their lineup.
    • Must have a maximum of 2 men players on the field at any moment.

The tournament will also allow “international teams” (composed of players from various nations) to participate in any of the two divisions, as in 2016 with the EuroQuébec teams.

Be assured that the FIIC along with the organizing committee are working together to ensure that the tournament will offer a fair and secure setting for all players. We count on your collaboration and the usual fair-play of all participants to help us achieve that goal.

We hope that this new formula will open the tournament to more players and increase the number of participating teams. After the World Championship, a post-mortem will be done to evaluate the success of the formula and determine if we want to keep it as is, improve it or totally review it.

Thank you for your understanding and your collaboration to make this event a huge success.