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#FIICPRG2018: FIIC’s 2018 annual inter-crosse events (teaser)

Dear all, this is a preliminary announcement to inform you that the 2018 FIIC’s events (#FIICPRG2018) will take place in Prague, Czech Republic, from August 18th to 26th, 2018. Our famous yearly international inter-crosse festival will propose three distinct events in 2018:

  • The FIIC inter-crosse World Games (#FIICWG2018).
  • The FIIC inter-crosse World Championship (#FIICWC2018)
  • The FIIC inter-crosse Kids Open (a new tournament for children) (#FIICKO2018)

Stand by as more details will be communicated in the coming weeks. For the moment, mark the dates and start getting ready for a week of sport and socialization that promises to be memorable! :)

The FIIC board and the #FIICPRG2018 organizing committee

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