Changes on the FIIC board of directors

The members of the FIIC board of directors are happy to welcome Mr. Bertrand Wendlinger, from France, as a new member of the board. Mr. Wendlinger was elected unanimously at the 2016 FIIC AGA in Montréal and we look forward to working with him to the development and promotion of our sport.

We also want to congratulate Mr. Mario Villa, from Italy, who was elected for another two-years term on the board. Mario, thank you for your interest and your involvement.

Finally we want to thank Mr. Christian Treis, from Germany, who did not seek another term after two years on the board. Thank your for your contribution Christian.

Along with Mr. Martin Cloutier (president, Québec), Mr. Jonas Roslund (treasurer, Sweden) and Mr. Jan Ehrler (officer, Czech Republic), the FIIC board of directors is complete and ready to work on a voluntary basis for the best interests of inter-crosse.

For more details, see the FIIC’s board page on our website: