#FIICWG2015 – Important information about registration and accomodation

May 1st deadline to register for the 2015 World Games has passed. As of today, a little over 50 participants have registered. Big thanks to those who respected the deadline, that helps a lot with the organization. Despite the relatively low number of participants, we are confident to be able to hold the event as planned.

In order to leave a last chance to latecomers to register without penalty, the FIIC board and the World Games organizers have agreed to extend the period for registration and first payment (50%) to May 20th. After that date, a 30€ penalty will be added to the registration costs and we will not be able to guarantee the choice of accomodation. This is motivated by the fact that late registrations cause many concerns to the organizers: deposit payments for the various services (accomodation, catering, gym…), planning of the tournament formula and games schedule, order and payment of game jerseys and equipment, etc.

The deadline to make the final payment (for those concerned) remains on June 30th.

Finally, please note that due to the low number of registrants and in order to keep a good relationship with our accomodation partner, we have released the hold on the second site. In consequence, the availability of rooms at the second site cannot be guaranteed and will have to be confirmed individually, if required.

FIIC World Games 2015 website: http://inter-crosse.com/fiicwg2015/