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#FIICWG2015 Host City

Dear FIIC members,
We received two excellent applications to hold the 2015 FIIC inter-crosse World Games: From Hungary (Sopron) and from France (Besançon). We reviewed and discussed both applications in details between board members, asked questions to the applicants and evaluated the applications on 12 criteria, weighted by importance, to end up with our decision: 
Besançon, France.
At the end it was just small details that tipped the balance towards the winning application. One of the decisive element was the fact that there is already a club present in the selected destination and we believe that the presence of the World Games will give a big boost to the promotion and the development of inter-crosse in the area.
We want to thank both applicants for the efforts they puts in presenting their applications and for the interest for the sport of inter-crosse.
More details will be communicated in the coming days and weeks, but here are the preliminary information for the 2015 FIIC inter-crosse World Games:
Place: Besançon, France.
Dates: August 4th to 9th, 2015.
In hope to see you in great numbers in France this summer.